Horse Sales & Leasing

Horse Sales and Leasing


Leasing gives students the opportunity to ride a favorite horse for lessons, practice rides or showing, and to develop the horse-rider bond that comes from regularly working together. It is a great first step before owning a horse, as one incurs only partial expenses and avoids the upfront cost and long-term commitment of purchasing. Full leasing allows students to participate in showing without a day fee. Partial leases still incur a day fee to use the horse of off the property. Two lessons per week are required for show students. Please contact LHF for current leasing opportunities and fees.

Day Lease – $100

Half Lease Monthly – $500 (up to 3 days/rides per week, includes 1 lesson per week, half lease fees at shows)

Full Lease Monthly – $1000 (up to 6 days/rides per week, includes 1 lesson per week, no lease fees at shows)


We have successfully assisted clients with the purchase of their child’s first pony,  adult riders looking for their first competitive show horse , or finding a suitable equine friend for the pleasure rider.

Are you looking for a proper facility in which to present your horse to prospective buyers?   Do you need to make a great impression? Liberty Hill can help you close the deal.

Liberty Hill charges a 20% commission on all sales and full leases (not lesson horse leases) based on original asking price. This includes all horse trying trips (arranged by LH). Horse trying trips arranged by customers are charged $100 per day and all travel expenses.

Please contact LHF for current sale opportunities and fees.